ERTFLOW: Efficient Reaction Technologies for Novel Chemistry

Our aim is to provide solutions to complex problems with high quality, both in the synthesis of molecules with high added value, and in the process optimization by our strong experience in organic synthesis and flow chemistry, along with our extensive experience in the development of immobilized catalysts and smart materials.

We provide fast and cost-effective research and development services in the fields of catalysis and flow processes, with total confidentiality and intellectual property policies. That is possible due to the ERTFLOW’s team solid know-how combined with interdisciplinary and innovative strategies in synthetic methodologies, engineering and material science for a more sustainable chemistry.

Among these services, we include the development of safer, economical and easily scalable versions of batch processes in a continuous flow, with industrial interest. Moreover you can ask us for custom synthesis, the design and development of new catalysts for specific processes or library of compounds in our Chemstore.