ICIQ-INTECAT School. 11-13 December – Montbrió, Tarragona

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During ICIQ-INTECAT School, we could show the work and research that is performed in ERTFLOW as well as enjoy very interesting talks.

RedINTECAT aims at Facing Societal Challenges through Collaborative Research in Catalysis and builds on an Integrated Approach to Catalysis developed within the INTECAT project (CSD2006-0003). The network has the goal of contributing to the discovery of new chemical processes that make a more rational use of feedstocks, require less energy consumption, and take place without the generation of environmentally harmful by-products.

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Dr. Peter R. Schreiner ,Foto: Franz Möller, Gießen, Tel.+49176/7066395, Internet: www.photo-moeller.de, E-Mail : fotomoeller@googlemail.com

Prof. Dr. Peter R. Schreiner
Institut für Organische Chemie (Germany)

“Tunneling Control of Chemical Reactions”
“London Dispersion Effects in Molecular Chemistry – Reconsidering Steric Effects!”

foto Noel

Prof. Thimothy Noël
Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)

“Go With the Flow, or Not? The Basic Principles of Flow Chemistry for Synthetic Organic Chemists”
“Innovation in Catalytic Methodology Development Through Flow Chemistry”


Prof. Dr. Philippe Renaud
Universität Bern (Switzerland)

“Organoboron Derivatives in Radical Chemistry”
“Extending the Scope of Radical Chain Reactions”


Prof. Keary M. Engle
The Scripps Research Institute (USA)

“Nucleopalladation Reactions: A Historial Perspective”
“Catalytic Methods for Selective Functionalization of C–C π-Bonds”

Invited Lectures

Jose M Gonzalez

Prof. José M. González
Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)

“Catalytic Electrophilic Activation of Allenamides: Cycloaddition Reactions and Further Synthetic Transformations”

SlootwegProf. J. C (Chris) Slootweg
Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

“Circular Chemistry, (formal) N2 Activation and Steric Attraction: New Adventures in Main-Group Chemistry”

We could show the work and research that is performed in ERTFLOW and enjoy very interesting talks.

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